Intermodal Rail Shipping

Intermodal shipping refers to transportation of freight in a container using different modes of transportation, such as rail, ship, or truck. Usually, these containers need to be a standard size to be able to be moved by these different modes of transportation. However, because of this standardization, it means that when moving freight there is no need to handle the freight directly, for the entire trip it stays in the same container in the same position. This greatly reduces the likelihood of damages or loss. This also allows for faster transportation because it is easier to find trailers and equipment that can carry and deal with standard containers. Additionally, they can be loaded and unloaded quicker and more safely.

Usually shipping intermodal by rail is cheaper than by trucking, especially over long distances and with more and larger freight. Obviously, there is slightly less flexibility when shipping by rail than by road, but it more than makes up for it by being much cheaper.