Oversized Rail Shipping

Oversized freight can be a hassle to move, but shipping by rail can make it easier and more cost-effective. There is no need for pilot cars, there are fewer state laws required, there is less risk of accidents because there is no traffic. The only downside is that you lose some flexibility in delivery time, due to rail schedules, and in delivery location, due to rail destinations.

The first step in shipping oversized by rail is to find rail stations that are near your origin and destination and that have the necessary railcars and equipment to move your freight. The next step is reserve those railcars that can carry your cargo and are going to your destination. However, before anything can be shipped the cargo must pass inspection and adhere to all the rules and regulations that apply to oversized cargo on trains. Finally, the cargo can be loaded and ready for transportation.

Moving oversized freight on rails can be quite time consuming and difficult, but when you book with us we take care of all the details and make sure your oversized cargo will pass every inspection and arrive at your destination safely. Contact us to get started