Heavy Freight Shipping

We haul heavy freight. From cranes, to boilers, to mining equipment and everything in between, we can manage all the details. We will find the right truck, trailer, train, or even ship to transport your freight.

What we do

We ship Over-Dimensional and Over-Weight freight that won’t fit on a normal flatbed trailer. Shipping heavy haul requires careful planning and attention to all details to ensure that everyone is safe and that the freight arrives on-time. Our experienced staff have years and years of experience moving heavy freight which has given them expertise in the correct permits, safety procedures, and equipment needed for each load. Every year we move hundreds of heavy haul loads, safely and on-time. We strive to provide the best service possible.

How to book

When you book with us you get a personalized experience. Start by getting a free online quote from our quote page and follow the instructions that follow to continue, or give us a call at (877) 419-5523.

Heavy Haul Information

Moving large equipment requires specialized knowledge and expertise about state laws, permits, routes, and trailers. Luckily we will handle all of that for you when you book with us, however, we also provide free resources on permits and videos explaining these various issues with a heavy haul.