We take safety very seriously at Heavy Company, and we believe that no detail is too small or can be overlooked when dealing with such large, expensive, and important cargo. We strive to take every precaution. Our team of experts pour over all the details to make the most well informed preparations and precautions. Safety is not simply being careful, it’s a mindset of preparation, precaution, focus, awareness, and attention to detail.


With safety, it’s about preparedness and planning for every situation and thus we devote extensive amounts of time and resources to make sure that every detail of our service follows the best practices of safety, healthy, and precaution. Our employees are trained to be knowledgeable about all safety concerns, as well as to be on the look out for any additional issues and safety concerns. Additionally, we demand that every employee and driver uphold the most diligent safety and health procedures. Our years of experience have taught us to be prepared for anything that might arise and we attempt to live up to that every day.

Safety Goals

We take great pride in our Healthy and Safety policies, and we rank safety above all other concerns. Our company goal is zero incidents, period. We plan to achieve this goal by always improving our safety procedures and minimizing risks as far as possible. We ensure this improvement by dedicating ourselves to constant diligence and attention to all the details. By constant improvement and dedication we can ensure the safety of everyone, every freight, and the environment.

Freight Protection Insurance

We stand by our goal for zero incidents and we will take every precaution to ensure that nothing happens. However, we understand the need for protection and insurance in the rare case of an incident. We offer freight protection insurance of $250,000 to supplement motor carrier insurance. We also offer other insurance, such as cargo insurance for any amount of the value of your shipment. We try our absolute best to prevent any incident from occurring, but it is important to have insurance and rest assured that if anything does happen we’ve got you covered.